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Oct 5, 2012 4:00am EDT
in this country to look through every part of the budget. certainly major reform, in social security, medicare, medicaid, all fueled by the growth of health care costs and aging population. and on the tax side, we'll need more revenue and we should think about how to do take through a fundamental overhaul of the tax system. so the answer is some of everything. so the ways to do it could choke off economic recovery, but there are ways to do it that are smart that would help promote economic growth. the first step is not to go off the fiscal cliff, but also not to punt. instead replace that with the beginning of a sensible plan. we'll need to save $4 trillion to $5 trillion over the next part of of the year and we need to look at every part of the budget to do that. >> to not go off the cliff at the end of the year, what are the chances that after the election you tilly get some kind of agreement sni? i was speaking to john mccain and he said don't expect noticing happen. you seem to think something can happen. why? >> i wake up pretty much every day and i update my probabilities on how likely t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1